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Western opinion is naive about hatred of Israel

The truth is neither a majority of Palestinians nor any leader wants to live in peace with Jews

The Times

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Narrated by Melanie Phillips

The Palestinian Authority (PA) claimed on Sunday that Israel itself carried out the massacre of 350 of its own civilians at the music festival near Gaza on October 7. It suggested that “Israeli helicopters” had bombed Israeli participants after an Israeli decision to kill them all.

This abhorrent conspiracy theory — based on a garbled account of a false Israeli newspaper report — was demonstrably contradicted by the testimony of survivors, the video evidence of the armed paragliders mowing down festivalgoers as they ran for their lives and the abduction of others into Gaza.

Given that the Hamas pogrom that day constituted the worst slaughter of Jews since the Holocaust, the PA’s claim was on a par with Holocaust denial. This wasn’t surprising; the PA