The Times view on autumn statement tax cuts: Treading Softly

Rishi Sunak is right to begin the process of lowering taxes in the autumn statement. But to reassure the markets he must control burgeoning public spending

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Critics to the right of him, critics to the left of him. Into the autumn statement rides Rishi Sunak.

The prime minister has received a considerable amount of incoming fire of late from Labour and the right wing of the Conservative Party. He is accused of having no plan for growth, of a failure of ambition. Relaunches, resets, reboots, have failed to set the pulse racing. But on Monday, in an underplayed speech heralding the fiscal event on Wednesday, Mr Sunak dispensed some grapeshot of his own, blasting his antagonists for their reckless ­approach to the public finances. Liz Truss and her uncosted tax slashing was despatched in the same breath as Sir Keir Starmer and his lavish £28 billion per year borrowing for green