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Rishi Sunak’s autumn statement to push benefit claimants into work

Hundreds of thousands of people without severe mobility and mental-health problems will be told ‘to make work pay’

Rishi Sunak will end the “national scandal” of two million people who are out of work by forcing more benefits claimants to look for jobs, under plans announced in the autumn statement.

Under the changes, to be revealed on Wednesday, hundreds of thousands of people with mobility and mental-health problems will be told to look for work that they can do from home. They face having their benefits reduced by £4,680 a year as ministers insist they can no longer be “written off” as incapable of working.

The changes in the rules for claiming benefits will apply to all new claimants from 2025. As part of a “carrot and stick” approach, existing claimants will be given a guarantee that they will not have their right