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Javier Milei wins Argentina election and pledges mass privatisations

The former TV pundit wants to rip up the rulebook after landslide win

Argentina’s radical libertarian president-elect promised mass privatisations in his first policy statement after his landslide victory on Sunday.

Javier Milei, 53, who in his campaign pledged to take a figurative chainsaw to the bloated Argentinian state, listed the vast, part-nationalised energy company YPF, along with several media outlets under state control, as early targets for government sell-offs once he takes office next month. “Everything that can be in the hands of the private sector will be in the hands of the private sector,” he said.

There would be no place for state- owned broadcasters, he added. “I do not subscribe to these practices of having a ministry of propaganda.”

In the same interview with the privately owned Mitre radio network he revealed that he hoped