We need to talk about young women and drink

My generation has grown up glugging as much alcohol as the men — and runs a greater risk than ever of sexual assault

The Times

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Narrated by Susie Goldsbrough

Imagine, just for a minute, that you’re a teenage girl. The drab GCSE slog is finally over and you’re (easy)jetting off to Mykonos or Zante, squealing, tipsy with freedom (but not so much that you’ve abandoned your meticulous make-up routine. After all, there are boys where you’re going). In a resort full of teens who look just like you, you mix warm vodka with the blare of Dua Lipa, then hit the strip.

You drink some more. One shot, two. Someone buys a fishbowl full of sugary blue that you gather round and guzzle, straw-to-straw. You dance, you swagger, you stagger. You hang your head over a toilet bowl as a friend strokes your hair. You chase the vomit with another shot, two. You wake