‘We live above the theatre where we had our first date’

Sarah and Justin Savage had a ‘cheesy’ wedding on Valentine’s Day, then moved into a development above the familiar Riverside Studios in Hammersmith, west London

Sarah and Justin Savage: “We pinch ourselves every day”
Sarah and Justin Savage: “We pinch ourselves every day”
The Times

Little did Justin and Sarah Savage, now in their sixties, know when they met for a first date over coffee at Riverside Studios, a theatre and arts centre in Hammersmith, west London, that five years later they’d be living above it.

Sarah, then a jobbing actor and agent, and Justin, a theatrical producer and manager, met on a dating website. If that first date, in 2013, wasn’t quite love at first sight, “there was a deep connection immediately,” Justin recalls. Sarah agrees: “His sense of humour was wonderful.” She wasn’t quite so impressed by his shorts and flip-flops garb on that hot August day, not when she’d spent hours on her first impression.

And then he didn’t call.

“But my daughter-in-law reminded me, it’s the