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US tells Zelensky: We’re with Ukraine for the long haul

Ukrainian general says new weapons ‘akin to the invention of gunpowder’ are needed to break deadlock

Lloyd Austin, the US secretary of defence, arrived in Kyiv on Monday to reassure President Zelensky of Washington’s “unwavering” military support as a row rumbles on in Congress over weapons supplies to Ukraine.

“The message that I bring you today, Mr President, is that the United States of America is with you. We will remain with you for the long haul,” Austin said. “What happens here in Ukraine — that not only matters to Ukraine but it matters to the rest of the world. It certainly matters to the United States of America.”

Austin, who last visited Ukraine more than 18 months ago, arrived in Kyiv by train after a second consecutive night of Russian drone attacks on the city. Zelensky said that Austin’s visit