Evil Genius with Russell Kane review — a fresh take on historical figures

Starting with Winston Churchill, a panel of comedians vote on whether people such as Albert Einstein, Pablo Escobar and Coco Chanel were inherently good or bad

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Narrated by Carol Midgley

In Evil Genius with Russell Kane the comedian laid out on a pub table all the alcoholic drinks that Winston Churchill consumed in a day. Every day. It was difficult not to be impressed. Starting with the breakfast whisky and soda that Churchill had in bed (don’t we all?), we moved onto the “imperial pint” of champagne that he enjoyed with lunch, often followed by brandy. Then it was back to work, fortified by more whisky, until dinner, which was livened by more champagne — “probably another imperial pint”. Then maybe brandy and cigars. At 10.30pm he went back to his work with yet more whisky.

Russell Kane in Evil Genius
Russell Kane in Evil Genius

“The obvious question,” Kane said, “is how was he not pissing blood?” Fair point. A doctor said that