Are wellness shots worth it? The nutritionist’s (damning) verdict

Immunity boosters are big business but what does a health expert make of them? By Anne Shooter

Wellness shots cost up to £4 on the high street
Wellness shots cost up to £4 on the high street
The Times

Once downed only by health fanatics, little bottles of ginger or turmeric are now everywhere on the high street, from Pret to M&S, costing up to £4 a pop. So, are wellness shots worth it? The nutritionist Fiona Hunter gives her professional opinion.

£2 for 60ml, Sainsbury’s

Ingredients Kombucha, acerola juice, chicory inulin (13 per cent), lime from concentrate (2 per cent), natural flavours, ginger root extract, live cultures (lactic acid bacillus), vitamin D3 from algae

Tastes like fruit squash, so I am cynical. But Hunter is a fan. “It has a lot of fibre in it from the prebiotic inulin as well as the probiotic,” she says. “I am not so impressed with the immunity, but the gut health evidence is better.”
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